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Monday, 04 October 2010 20:24

Hey there!

here are some nice shots from the photoshooting with Andre Paul last weekend... Click on the pictures to open a full resolution version of the picture in a new window.

The photo shooting took part in the rehearsal room building in Weilimdorf near Stuttgart where Siberian Fastfood practice. The site is an old phone carrier factory. Here, the band prepares for a set of pictures in an old server room in the basement.



A picture from the session in the server room.

Practicing for red carpet pictures that are soon to come...

It has recently become a running gag within the band to make word-count-jokes. "I got 3 words for ya: No! smoking!"

An old freight elevator gives a great scene for nice pictures....

Playing some songs from the current program in the rehearsal space. They are all quite catchy and its impossible to play them just like nothing, so every practicing session turns into a small concert. On the picture, at least one guitar and a white table including a lot of stuff have been photoshopped out ;-)

In the middle of a song.


"Stanley" from the "Anything That Sells" album is a very deep song. It is music every time it is performed, live or in practice.

Jan Windmüller, who recently joined the band as a drum MACHINE, giving a powerful heartbeat to the songs. Definitely a great and powerful fit to Siberian Fastfoods music.

Onur Birsöz playing a 6 string.

It's incredible what powerful sound one single guitar can give to a band if its played by the magic hands of a guy like Olaf Kuhnke.

Resident Evil 2 production crew.

Doing the Wu-Tang thing. Oh, my gosh.... why?

We hope you like the pictures! Soon there will be more of them. Big thanks to Andre Paul and his team for the great Sunday!

Have fun!


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